December 28, 2009

Electric blue lightning

It's one of my favourite dresses: very short, tight, black dress with blue-silver lightning on it... I like it very much;)

I was wearing this dress (with blue tights) at my boyfriend's school party...

I had got a small, black clutch with white ring on it, grey blouse with veeeery big hood and over-the-knee, high-heeled shoes. And I had my lovely hairstyle:

xoxo, Liggie

December 26, 2009

Second day of Christmas...

My lovely skirt with little flowers on it;)

Good night:*

December 25, 2009

A lot of smiles, good mood and gifts!

Hello, it's my second post and zero comments. I understand you, I'm not rich, maybe not original but please, want to know me...
My christmas:

And me:

xoxo, Liggie

December 23, 2009

A way from the church

My first post. Em... So what? Ok, it's me with my 5th smile, flared trousers and clutch bag... So lovely but rainy day. And old photo of me.